Chef Kevin WarrenChef Kevin Warren is currently catering for the Emmy award winning NBC’s The Voice Tailgate. He’s appeared in episodes of America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. As a Test Cook for ATK Cook’s Illustrated magazine in Boston, he was frequently filmed working in the kitchen for the 2011 season’s shows.

Before launching his personal chef, cooking classes and catering service he assisted in the opening of Little Fork Restaurant, Hollywood, and also served as Executive Chef for the development and opening months of Daddy O’s Restaurant San Francisco.

Born and raised in Richmond, California, Chef Kevin began his culinary career in his home kitchen at age 12, sneaking a portion of his mother’s beloved gumbo into a separate pot and experimenting with his own spice ideas—eventually leading to a recipe that not only impressed his mother (who now says it’s better than her own) but also has become his top-requested dish by event planners for celebrations and fundraisers at Bay Area businesses and charities. READ MORE