My Style

Chef Kevin Warren Prep FoodMy style of cooking is based in simplicity of ingredients and layers of flavors.

Everything that I know comes together in a dish, no matter what that dish is. I grew up with Creole and soul food, but when I develop recipes now, I apply techniques that I’ve learned from studying other cuisines: I use Indian spicing techniques in my Red Beans and Rice; I use Creole techniques when making a Thai dish; I apply Mayan techniques when I make soup. Because technique is technique—it’s about what you are doing to make the flavors stand out in a dish—it doesn’t necessarily have to do with a specific cuisine or geography.

I’m a nerd when it comes to cooking. I read tons of cookbooks, instructional books, books on technique, magazines. My wife will come home and I’ll be in bed with ten books and my laptop, exploring everything, always being a student, digging deeper into the food science to find out what will make a dish really pop. READ MORE