Frequently Asked Questions about Chef Kevin Warren and his culinary services
What should I expect from a Private Chef service?

Chef Kevin Warren follows food and sanitation rules, considers dietary restrictions and always uses fresh, in season and organic ingredients. When meals are prepared in the client’s home, rather than ahead of time, Chef Kevin will leave the client’s kitchen clean and sanitized. When creating food for storage, meals are prepared properly, packaged correctly and detailed reheating instructions are provided.

What is not included in labor costs for a Private Chef?

The cost of groceries and containers.

Is there a minimum length of time for cooking classes?

Yes. The minimum for both private and group lessons is 2 hours.

Are prices subject to change?

Yes, prices can fluctuate depending on the amount of labor involved. For example, Gumbo takes two days to make compared to Lasagna which takes two hours. Factors like these can cause fluctuations in price.

What do the labor costs for a Private Chef provide?

Labor costs cover the hours spent in the kitchen prepping and cooking, the time it takes going over menu options with clients, as well as the mileage put on the vehicle while driving to the grocery store and to the client’s house.

What are the benefits of taking a cooking class?

The benefits of taking a cooking class are being trained by Chef Kevin Warren a Le Cordon Bleu graduate who has an extensive background in the culinary industry. Your first classes with Chef Kevin will focus on knife safety, knife skills and very basic cooking techniques. You will be taught all of the secrets the professionals use in their kitchens. Techniques that you can apply to your home cooking and family events. When it comes to cooking you will often reuse these techniques in other types of cooking/cuisines. You can always take the new techniques that you learn in a specific cooking class and use them in your own style of cooking. Taking a cooking class will also help you save money especially if you are accustomed to dining out. Taking a class will cost you money, but in the long run you will be saving money by not having to eat out as much. This is Especially living in a large city like Los Angeles, where the average restaurant bill is $30 per person. By taking a cooking class you can also eat healthier because you have control of the ingredients going into your meals.

A cooking class with Chef Kevin will also teach you about new and unique ingredients, because you will be working with ingredients that you have never heard of or have used before. Learning how to work with them will allow you to use them correctly in many other recipes aside from the class. Using new/unique ingredients may help bring new life, or add a kick to old recipes.

What is the maximum group size for a cooking class?

Group cooking classes range from 3 to 20 students.