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Elegant Comfort FoodElegant Comfort FoodElegant Comfort FoodElegant Comfort FoodElegant Comfort FoodElegant Comfort FoodElegant Comfort Food


Chef Kevin WarrenI started cooking at a very young age. My mother and grandmother taught me how to season meat, prep and cut veggies for meals, and they talked to me about how things should taste, and what to look for in flavoring dishes.

Very early in my childhood my mother noticed how I would watch food intensely. She and my aunt would laugh at the way I would stare down a plate of food. They said I would “devour it with my eyes.” I like to think of that as the beginning of discovering my palate. Even though then I didn’t know what I was doing consciously, my instinct was kicking in.

Not everyone can look at something and be able to taste it before they actually consume it. I didn’t know how big of a gift or talent that was, but it’s helped me big time in the kitchen. READ MORE




I provide one-on-one private sessions and group classes – from basic to advanced techniques. We’ll work together to prepare a menu of your choosing. In the process, you’ll learn techniques that can be applied to your day-to-day recipes.


I will work with you one-on-one or in a small group to provide basic and advanced knife skills to improve your safety, speed and impression in the kitchen.


Date nights, family dinners, intimate gatherings, engagement parties, and arts and music events: I offer personal chef services and catering for groups of 2 to 150, on a one-time or an ongoing basis.



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Perfect Hashbrowns

When I was developing breakfast recipes for my previous Executive Chef position, I decided to keep this one to myself. But now I’m going to share my secrets for perfect hashbrowns with you. Below, I have listed the key ingredients and techniques to make a crispy, golden brown on the outside and creamy, buttery on the inside hashbrowns. Click here for more information & the full recipe 

Cream Of Mushroom Soup

This recipe is from Chef Robert Boyle, my very first culinary school instructor, a food God and one of the coolest cats on the planet. Imagine Sean Connery in a Chef’s jacket. Click here for more information & the full recipe

Spicy Tilapia Cakes

Growing up, there was always a can of mackerel in the cabinet in our kitchen. My mother and grandmother made amazing mackerel croquettes: nothing but crackers, onions, bell peppers, salt and pepper. They were usually served with smothered potatoes—for breakfast, lunch or dinner! They are wonderful, and I’ve never seen them on a menu in ANY restaurant. Click here for more information & the full recipe

Alfredo Cream Sauce Recipe

One of my favorite dishes in the world to eat is a nice bowl of pasta. Whether it’s a simple ragu, pesto, or cream sauce, the end result is a bowl of warm, soothing deliciousness. I’ve been making this Alfredo sauce for years, and once you’ve tasted it, you’ll say goodbye to the stuff in a jar! Click here for more information & the full recipe 

The Best Brussels Sprouts

I created this Brussels sprouts recipe a few years ago, and it has been a hit at family holiday dinners. It’s also a great side dish for any event. Brussels sprouts have a bitter flavor, and this bitterness is usually what makes them unappealing. You have to do something to them to balance the bitterness out. The worst mistake I see is when they are served whole, with very little seasoning. Click here for more information & the full recipe

Pan-Seared Salmon

While working the line at Bocanova, a Pan-American restaurant in Oakland, Calif. I cooked dozens of scallops and halibut orders every night. Cooking that much fish, and making sure each piece was cooked to perfection with the Chef yelling “not yet”, or “too long” in my ear  until I mastered the technique, made me a pro. This recipe/technique will help you master perfectly moist, mouth-watering, delicious salmon. Click here for more information & the full recipe 

Asparagus Gratin

This sweetheart apartment by architect Eva Cotman in Raval at the District of Ciutat Vella in Barcelona, Spain has swept us off our feet with romantic touches of reclaimed barn wood. The interior walls sparkle white as a blank canvas for the young couple living here to play with colorful additions of their own. Like the inviting library which stores great heights of books taking on the shape of a staircase that also works as a passage into a guest loft. Its purity and humility suits the simple; still the design keeps those who hope for more in life well satisfied. Click here for the full recipe